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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Updated Sabah Panoramic Pictures and Free Software

Details are in the hugin discussion group above.

The pictures can be viewed with a panoramic viewer instead of just a
flat screen as in is not designed for many pictures because it displays all
of them in one page. As I add more pictures, it will slow down the
page view.

00webhost allows me to upload up to 200Mbyte of data and have complete
control on how to view these pictures.

If I've learned how to protect my high resolution pictures, I should
display some of them.

The originals are in 8192x4096 resolutions, scaled down to 1920 for
internet viewings.

Using a 6 Megpixel, you can get as high as 14000 pixel resolution. It
will take too long to stich them. My PC is now 2Gbyte with 2.8Ghz
Hypherthreading Pentium 4. My processing speed has improved immensely
to less than 1 hour per picture.

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