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Monday, June 1, 2009

Review of reviews of Kulambu Beach, the Most Beautiful Beach

Here is a good review and collection of pictures of such a unique
It is not the only one, but one of about 3 that I managed to detect.
One of them is at Langkawi Island and the other at Sri Lanka. I got
interested in this interesting geographical feature after seeing a
Hindi Movie, probably taken at this Island in Sri Lanka.

The person making the review appear to comment that sign boards in
Sabah is confusing but I don't find it so. I don't really know why but
I try to explain it as these:

i) the road in Sabah are not that long and with lots of branches and
alleys. You just go straight in the direction of the map, I am sure
you'll find these interesting places.

ii) the reason why there are no signs of these interesting places is
because the authorities deem them as not interesting. Probably because
there are not many visitors. They don't understand the unique features
of the geography of Sabah or don't see any need to promote them.

To them, Kulambu beach is just like any other beach in Sabah, equally
beautiful. Our tourism industry does not promote these beaches because
there is little commercial value in them. They prefer to send them to
resorts that have restaurants and shops.

How about locals? Since they are only interested in having a picnic,
they can do it at beaches close by, despite their lower quality. If
the sand and clarity of water were the only criteria for a beach,
there are many other beaches in Sabah that they can go to.

Just read the offical review of this beach at this site:

The author may not even have gone to this beach at all. If Kelambu
beach is just a beautiful beach why should people bother to go there
in the first place. One reason is that it is so near to the Tip of
Borneo, another rare geographical feature that is more heavily
promoted by Sabah State Government on the insistence of the former
Chief Minister, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat.

In fact you can see the tip of Borneo from Kulambu beach because it
forms part of its bay. By road it is only about 5 km at most. It is
certainly not far if the road is good but the road is only gravel, the
mark of among the poorest region in the world, which Sabah is actually

There is a tendency to blame officials implementing these projects as
the culprit but actually it is the lack of budget that led to this
situation. Sabah, with a population comprising 14% of Malaysia and
area of 24% is only given 8% of the total national budget.

You can see the beaches at its best at: but this view is from the
island to the mainland.

You should visit this beach at the same time as you visit the Tip of
Borneo as the officials in Sabah like to call it, and Sabah is not
the only one but this Cape of Sabah is the most accessible of all, and
next to it is also another beach with two bays separated by an island
that you can walk to.

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