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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kudat Riviera: Villas in the most beautiful beach

This picture shows the most beautiful beach in the world where this
villa is to be located. At a cost of US299 thousands only, for sizes
of more than 1 acre, it is much cheaper than the one at Sutera
Magellan at Kota Kinabalu.

The beaches are called Kelambu Beaches in the name of the island just
in front of the beaches, that you can walk to. This is one of three
that I found. One is at Sri Lanka, based on the article at Reader's
Digest about a survival from the super tsunami that struck Sri Lanka
and another at Langkawi Island.

The Kelambu beach is the longest and most beautiful among them so far
because it is not crowded. It is also close to the Tip of Borneo that
I call Horn of Borneo, Tanduk Borneo, one of three places where two
oceans meet.

Despite winning International Awards:


Site 2) talks about Phil Dobson's visions for his EBV(Exquisite Borneo

this place is relatively unknown among locals. None of my
acquaintances ever appreciate this beach. Almost all didn't know where
it is located. The one that did visit it, view it just as a normal

I appreciate Phil Dobson's success in acquiring this properly despite
him being a foreigner. Locals will just fill up the beaches in order
to get as much land as possible, just what they are still tryng to do
with Likas and Tanjung Aru beaches, right at the Kota Kinabalu.

Kelambu beach survived because the price of land there is so cheap
that that filling the beaches will not get as much value for land as
the major cities should get.

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