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Friday, December 14, 2007

Re: Panoramic pictures with viewers

I forgot to mention its website.

or directly to:

An alternative is but I'm having problems
uploading via ftp.

Panoramic pictures with viewers

I've included viewers with my panoramic pictures of a few places in

I compressed these 1024x512 pictures until they are less than 50kbyte.

It still takes a long time because it has to load the ptviewer.jar

The pictures don't look sharp. I don't think the resolution is the
culprit because I had seen pictures with lower resolution and yet look
so sharp.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Perkasa Hotel Kundasang in Pano

I've just added a panoramic picture of Perkasa Hotel, Kundasang.

It is not a complete 360 degree but displayed as a 360x180 degree
panoramic picture format. There is no tripod used. I only used my hand
to take all these pictures. It shows that Panorama Tools can handle
these pictures as well.

Additional techniques that I find useful is to use the lens data from
previous pictures to quickly speed up the optimisation process.

I no longer need to do the lens view and distortion optimisation any

I also notice that this is a very effective way of measuring lens

It also shows that it is no longer important to have an extremely low
distortion lens because they can be corrected digitally.

The best water front in the world

It is at Harbour City Sandakan. It is located at the old Sandakan
Jetty at the mouth of the Sandakan Bay. It is deep and has lots of
islands inside the bay.

It makes the water calm most of the time which makes it unique. With
its warm climate, plankton survive and emit fluorescent light which
can be seen clearly at night.

It is now better developed because it has a 2 star hotel but it does
not have any marina in front of it.

I've posted a panoramic picture of it at my blogspot sabahheaven.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Panoramic Picture of Power Boat F2000 at Kota Kinabalu

This picture isn't clear because the output is directly from enblend
to the 1024 resolution.

The others were output to the 8192x4096 for Aerofly RC Flight Sim, and
then reduced to 1024 using gimp.

For comparison the anchor photo is included. It does not apper to be
clear as well.