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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Low Cost Terminal at Kota Kinabalu

It was completed more than 6 months ahead of schedule. One technique is his willingless to pay damages in order to follow his schedules.

It is the the second largest low cost terminal behind Singapore, larger than the low cost terminal at Sepang.

The information at this wikipedia article may be more reliable.

Terminal 2 of KKIA is not really a dedicated low cost terminal.

See the panoramic picture of this Terminal 2. It is not easy to take these pictures. I was approached twice by officers from both Malaysia Airport and DCA.

The technique that I used to take these pictures could the best. Note the missing tripod. The number of pictures taken is also the minimum.

However the lines are not perfect. Maybe there is a need for a Pano head. Pano tools by Mr. Dersch, may not be good enough.

I took the opportunity to visit Sabah Flying Club. They conduct flying lessons and will charge about RM20,000 for 43 hours on a 4-seater Cesna aeroplane, the minimum required in order to get a Private Pilot License.

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