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Friday, February 16, 2007

Panoramic pictures

These pictures are best viewed using panoramic picture viewer. They are all in the form of 360x180 degree 2:1 format.

That means they represent complete view of the surrounding from the point of view of the photographer.

They are useable as photo sceneries for Radio Control Flight Simulators but are of lower resolution i.e. 512x256, which are just good enough for this blog page.

There are other blogspots which support my interest in these panoramic pictures.

All materials in here are copyrighted by me but are for sale, from zero to whatever the buyer is willing to pay. It all depends on their uses.

Most are available in the form of 8060 resolution which are used for RC Fsim but the originals are mostly of the 14000 resolution because they are taken with 2M pixel camera.

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